If you have been wondering how to set up a gym at home, we have prepared a simple and affordable guide so you can start exercising in no time.


Make sure you have 2–4 m² (20–40 ft² ) of clean space so you can perform a wide range of exercises including certain jumping and hopping exercises.

If you can choose between areas of your home, pick the space with the window so you can have fresh air instead of cellars and garages.


The most affordable useful pieces are :

1. Swiss ball $20

2. Resistance band set $35+

3. Skipping rope $10

4. Yoga mat $20+

Recommended equipment $50+ depending on the brand and weight:

1. Adjustable dumbbell set or 2 pieces set

Beginners with 5–15 kg/11–33 lbs;

Skilled should choose between 10–20 kg/22–44 lbs

2. Kettlebell

Beginners with 8–14 kg/18–30 lbs;

Skilled should choose between 12–24 kg/26–53 lbs

Where to buy :

The easiest and cheapest way is to order online through popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Aliexpress, eBay, etc.

Throw a look at used equipment like dumbbells and kettlebells, since it will save you a significant amount of money and its iron material guarantees good durability.

Also, keep in mind the shipping time it takes depending on the country you live in. You do not want to wait 40 days for shipment for you to start working out, right ?!

To get the tailored fitness plan for you and faster results, try out Fitnesses and get a personalized diet and workout for your goal and the equipment you have.

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