Most people do not know where to start getting in shape, so we have prepared this straightforward 5 step guide to help you begin:

Starting point :

1) Take a “before” picture of yourself. Therefore, you will visually track your progress easier. Make sure you take a picture once a month and in the same spot. The light can sometimes change the appearance of the body and fool your perception.

2) Write down your weight.

3) If you have a measuring tape, write down your girths ( waist, hips, arm, chest, thighs )

Target :

“I want to lose weight” is not good enough since you don’t have a clear finish line. Instead, try with “ I will lose 10 lbs” or “ I will gain 12 lbs of muscle.”

If you want to improve your health, we recommend something like:

“ I will eat a portion of fruit and vegetables each day and walk 3 miles.”


Healthy weight loss is 1–2 lbs/week, and possible muscle gains up to 0.5–1 lb/week.

To lose or gain 10 lbs, break it into 5 milestones of 2 lbs/4 lbs/6 lbs/8 lbs/10 lbs to keep yourself motivated along the journey.

Right thing:

Make sure you are doing the right thing to avoid injuries and waste no time, so hire a trainer or use a fitness app, pick an option you are most convenient with to keep you on track.

The habit:

Motivation is good for a start, but the habit is what keeps you moving.

A habit is an automated behavior, for example when you wake up each day and brush your teeth.

So your new habit could be “working out 3 times per week “. To make sure you continue steadily toward your goal, you should maintain this behavior consistently for at least 21 days.

We suggest you read more about habits here.

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