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At any moment, you will know how much of the desired food you can eat, therefore easily reaching the goal. With the DIET feature:
1. We create meals for you where you can easily replace ingredients.
2. We recommend you food serving of any groceries you choose to eat.

The algorithm in the Fitnesses app constantly monitors your food intake. As a result, it adjusts your further food recommendation. Therefore you can quickly and without mistakes achieve results.

-You have a nutritionist 24/7 within the fitness app
-Automatic real-time calculations, and
-Recommendations on how much of the desired food to eat to reach the goal.

You can eat anything without worrying about how to reach the goal. 


You don’t need experience with workouts, because you are guided through short videos and instructions. Exercise easily with equipment at your disposal.

With this feature, we show how to perform the exercises or what type of workouts are good for you. Once you put your data in the app, you get everything personalized and prepared based on what you entered as a goal.

Fitnesses app can recommend the right workout intensity so you don’t have to risk getting injured.

You can successfully work out with any equipment without previous knowledge about it. 


We have a huge list of food with precisely defined nutritional details.

The best thing is that you can create a meal with any food of your choice which means:
1. You can eat pizza + burger + chocolate in the same meal because,
2. We calculate immediately how much of it you can eat to get in good shape without getting extra pounds.

Download Fitnesses app for Android and iOS to eat anything without worrying about how to reach the goal.

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