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UN Diet: The free Secret to weight loss results

The UN diet, designed by Meghan Telpner, never ceases to intrigue and inspire people because of its simplicity and remarkable weight loss results. This approach to nutrition promises to preserve health, and lose weight without restrictions and includes rich meals. But we disagree with some guidelines which we’ll point out in the blog so you can make an informed choice. Now let’s see how this three-month diet achieves weight loss results and how to apply it to your life.

What is the UN Diet and How Does It Work?
The UN diet is carried out over 90 days and focuses on gradual, natural, and thorough weight loss. With no strict restrictions on the number of calories or meals, this diet is the perfect choice for those who do not want to put effort into calculating of food amount. This is fine if you by chance eat the right amount of calories for your body to lose weight, but if you eat the food in excessive amounts, you will gain weight due to calorie surplus.

The diet consists of four different daily plans, each with a specific focus on a food group:

  1. Protein day: Meals rich in protein such as meat, fish, eggs, tofu, or seitan in combination with low-calorie vegetables.
  2. Starchy day: Foods like beans, peas, carrots, spinach, broccoli, lentils, potatoes, and rice dominate this day.
  3. Day of carbohydrates: Pasta in all forms and combinations with various vegetables is a key part of the diet on this day.
  4. Fruit day: All types of fruit are allowed, allowing creativity in the preparation of different fruit combinations.
  5. Water day: It is held once a month and involves the consumption of water or fresh juices without added sugar.
UN diet nutrition plan

Rules and Tips:

Avoid skipping meals.

Snacks are allowed during the fruit day.

Alcohol is completely prohibited.

Coffee and tea are allowed but without sugar.

Water intake during the day should be at least 2 liters.

It is recommended to use vegetable oils such as coconut and olive.


  1. Without starving and skipping meals.
  2. No need for extra effort.
  3. Easy to apply and effective for weight loss.


  1. Positive eating habits are not adopted -This diet can’t be sustainable in the long term especially as it is not tailored to one’s needs. Everyone needs a specific number of calories and macro ratio according to their lifestyle, goal, and physics (Fitnesses is perfect for this)
  2. Long duration (90 days) can be a challenge – The same dietary regime can be both mentally and physically exhausting making it unsustainable.
  3. There is a risk of regaining the lost kilos (yo-yo effect) – Because this is a temporary diet and once it ends, people will return to their habits that initially led them to weight gain.
  4. Risk of uncontrolled enjoyment of carbohydrates – This is the wrong approach for people troubled with overeating as they may misuse carbohydrates to overeat (Carbohydrate Day, Starchy Day, Fruit Day)
Maintenance of Achieved Weight

After 90 days, changes in metabolism require weight maintenance through balanced meals that combine protein, starch, carbohydrates, and fruit. Although strict adherence to macronutrients is not required, it is recommended that a fruit breakfast remains the standard for starting the day.

This is again the moment when Fitnesses has to replace your UN Diet. Why so?
1. Maintaining weight involves a delicate balance between the calories consumed and expended through daily activities.
2. Macronutrients matter: Proteins aid in muscle repair and growth, fats provide essential nutrients and energy, while carbohydrates fuel daily activities.

Achieving weight maintenance requires a mindful consideration of both calorie intake and macronutrient composition to have a desired body shape.
With Fitnesses, you can eat anything and be fit, we do the science for you(Check our users’ transformations)

The UN diet provides an innovative approach to weight loss without strict restrictions. Its simplicity and long-term results make it an attractive option for those who want to achieve their goals without the feeling of sacrifice. However, it is important to carefully consider the pros and cons, considering individual needs and goals. This diet can be the key to achieving the desired results, but it is important to approach it with a versatile and sustainable approach to nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. To that cause, we built Fitnesses to guide you with a personalized diet and workout plan towards a fit body.

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