Honestly, I use the workout and diet functions the most.
For the diet part, I like that I can eat anything if I follow the app, and not feel guilty.
And for the workout, I like that there is a video of how the exercise is done, that you can choose which exercise you will do from that category if you are not able to do what was initially given.
I recommend it to everyone, I’ve just now recommended it to my friend from Singapore when she saw the pictures of how I look 🙂
The app is clear, easy to use, and adaptable to all users / all types of needs, regardless of gender and age.
I would recommend it primarily to people who live fast, have long working hours, mixed work shifts, people with insulin resistance, those who do not have any physical activities, and then to everyone else who wants to correct their dietary habits to any degree. 🙂
I’m losing weight! It is effective! I recommend it to everyone!
Olga KojovicFunctional Consultant
Nenad KastratovićPharmacist, medical biochemist
Marko PopovićEntrepreneur

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The World Health Organization recommends that adults 18-65 years old get "30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity 5 days per week" or "20 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity 3 days per week"


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